Nikîhtim mâmawopin, pitamâ.

In the past week I have attended 4 days of conferencing, I am now synthesizing much of the new information I’ve heard. I heard some really good things which I will speak of in later posts. I am encouraged about the number of people who care about food sovereignty.

Mâmawopi (meet)
NI mâ ma wo pi N. (I attend a meeting)
ni KÎH TIM mâ ma wo pi n. (I am tired of attending meetings)


Mîyo Manito Kîsikaw

Kâmiyo Manito Kîsikak, Miywasin; mâka nimiywyihten kâkisipayik.

When it is Christmas, it is good, but I like it when it is finished.



Greetings, tân’si.

I had set a deadline of July 01 to launch this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to post Cree Language lessons. I needed to meet this deadline so I will have to be patient with myself as I become familiar with formatting and developing some level of sophistication with blogging.  I am a Cree Language Instructor but with the summer break now here I will be posting Cree Language Journeys I take with my grandchildren.


Peyahtik nosisim (be careful my grandchild)

pe yah tik. no si sim.

kaya kâkîhcekosîy ahpo kâwîsakisinin

(don’t be climbing or you will get hurt).

ka ya. kâ kîh ce ko sîy. ah po. kâ wî sa ki si nin.

I will soon be posting audio and video.



I had set July 01 as my launch date.

I am a Cree Speaker and a Community Linguist, I am here to post Cree Language Lessons.  As school is “out for summer” and I am on a break from the classroom I will be posting about teaching Cree to my grandchildren.

As I become a more experienced blogger my site will include audio and video.

LESSON 1 – Peyahtik

Peyahtik nosisim (be careful my grandson).

Pe yah TIK. No si sim.

Mistahi kisâkîhtin (I love you – a lot).

Mis ta hi. Ki sa kîh tin.